Worker’s compensation is a type of insurance employer’s carry for workers who’ve been injured on the job. The insurance covers lost wages after two weeks’ missed work, as well as medical bills and rehab fees for the worker, regardless of who caused the mishap. There are four basic requirements an employee must meet to obtain workers compensation maitland fl.  Those four requirements:

Requirement One: The Employer Must Carry Workers Compensation Insurance

Most employers are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance -but there are exceptions to the rule. Make sure that your employer is covered by worker’s compensation insurance. Otherwise, you won’t be able to file a claim for damages.

Requirement Two: You Must Be an Employee

Obviously, you must work for the company to file an insurance claim after an accident. This means that worker’s compensation is not available to independent contractors and others who are not deemed employees of the company. However, these individuals may still be entitled to benefits if they talk to an attorney and take the matter to court.

Requirement Three: Injury/Illness Must Be Work-Related

If the work that is being performed is for the employer causes illness or injury, then it is considered a work-related injury. For example, if you become sick due to chemical fumes in your industry or develop carpal tunnel syndrome from long hours on the computer, your injury is work-related.

Requirement Four: Deadlines

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Even people who meet all other qualifications won’t receive benefits if they do not file their claim by the appropriate deadlines or if they fail to properly report the accident to their supervisor when it occurs. It is important to follow all rules for filing a worker’s compensation claim to ensure that it is not denied due to missed deadlines.