Safety First On The Job Site

It is vital that for everyone’s safety that you know, understand and follow all safety protocols and guidelines for the workplace.  When we follow the rules and guidelines the odds of us getting hurt are greatly reduced.  When others follow the rules, the odds of others hurting us are also greatly reduced.  However, over time things may become relaxed and accidents may happen.  If this occurs, then contacting a workers compensation attorney oregon may be needed.

Wear safety gear

Wear your safety gear.  Eyeglasses and goggles, helmets and hats, long sleeves, steal toed shoes and even gloves should be worn in the workplace.  If you are in an office and don’t need these, you will still want to wear the proper attire.  Make sure that your shoelaces are tied, your belt is tight, and you are not wearing any clothing or jewelry that could get caught up on something.

Be alert

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Get a good night’s rest before coming to work.  Don’t drink on the job or be impaired by legal or illegal drugs.  When we are alert, we tend to notice things that could be dangerous or cause issues.  Stay alert, stay safe.

Take your time

The world is constantly on the move.  We are living in a need it now got to have it yesterday society.  When we fail to take our times, we tend to let things slip or pass us by.  This is why you need to take your time and focus on your specific tasks.  The world will only move so fast.  Trying to catch up and beat the clock is not the way to get things done.  Build your routine to accomplish your tasks safely.

Report issues

You want to report all issues to your manager in writing as well as verbally.  Failure to report and document any issues can result in loss of compensation and other settlements you may receive.  Stay safe, be aware.

Tips For Expanding Your Business

Starting a business can be a time-consuming task that could lead you down the path to financial success or utter ruin.  For those brave enough to venture out and try to stake their claim in the American dream there are a few things that you can do to help build your business and to diversify your income. 

The first is to take your business and see if it is viable for a franchise.  With a franchise you will allow others to take your proven business model and reproduce your success with their own businesses.  To learn about turning your business into a franchise, consult a franchise attorney about different options and possibilities. 

Diversify your products to specific niches.  When you have a product that is working why not take a chance and see if you can diversify that same product but target a different demographic or subset of possible clients.  An example of this would be a water bottle.  All of us drink water and we should drink water when we exercise or do sports.  If your company sells water bottles why not consider doing a few minor tweaks to the design to fit the needs of runners, cyclists, climbers and more.  When you take a proven product and diversify into other areas you can increase your reach and customer base.

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Compete with yourself

One thing in businesspeople tell you not to do is compete with yourself.  However, if you do this correctly then you can make a lot of money.  Look at Pepsi for example.  Pepsi doesn’t just make soda they also own Pizza Hut and a wide assortment of different restaurants.  With all of these diversified businesses wouldn’t you think that Pepsi would be spreading itself too thin.  No, because they have found small micro businesses that work off a major product that they provide which is soda.  Since they mixed in food with the soda, they are getting everyone who is hungry and thirsty.

This is what you should do when looking to expand your business.